Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ships, Wells, And Volcanoes

I haven't posted on here. About anything. In like, forever.

But if there are people out there who still gaze down this empty well in hopes of one day drawing water, there recently has been very little to draw. Video projects have come and gone over the years, and the excitement of Deliver-e has died down.

But to push the pictorial allegories, this is not an extinct volcano. It may be erupting a few reviews, filmmaking analyses, and small video projects occasionally, but will remaining rather dormant for the next few weeks/days/mmoooooonnnthsss....

But one day I will return to the helm once again and steer this ship off to new and fantastic places. Stay alert, for you never know when Snowtop's next big film will be brought into the spotlight.

In the meantime, there are a few awesome places that you can divert more of your attention to.
The first is THIS FABULOUS NEW MOVIE MADE BY FABULOUS PEOPLE. I've already posted about that like three times now, but it is pretty much going to be the coolest movie in the world. So keep on supporting them in your prayers as they enter into the valley of the shadow of death: P O S T  P R O D U C T I O N. (Okay, maybe it's just me, but I just absolutely hate this part, because I have to edit the movie. Which is super painful).

I have also dug a new well over here, and let me tell you, all sorts of exciting stuff are happening in Almondon. If you are new to my comics, start at the first post and work upwards, because that way the new ones make more sense.

Farewell, for now.
Further up and further in!


  1. Thanks for the advertising, Raymond! :) I agree, Post Production is a dark valley. :p
    I enjoy this blog a lot, so I hope you do post on it every once in a while.

  2. We know the pain! 32 and a half hours of editing we have thus far suffered, with 22 minutes of director's cut film to show for it! I hath grown discouraged that we may not meet our goal...

    Actually I think we will. And I do enjoy editing. It just takes forever...

  3. I enjoy editing too, but only when the stupid computer doesn't freeze up on me or the stupid editing program doesn't try to edit the movie for me, as most editing programs do nowadays.....WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!!!

    How is the score coming along?

  4. Oh, shut up Raymond, it seems you have no courage or tolerance, unlike I, the great, the mighty...

  5. The Prince Corin I know would never say something as crude as "Shut up" or refer to himself as "great" or "mighty". Impostor!

    Prince Corin has never falls and hurts himself, the world gets out of his way.

  6. Nails brag about being as tough as Prince Corin


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