Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not just another "Pride and Prejudice"...

Get ready for the must-see movie of 2012.

Phantom Films (formerly Arivia Productions, creators of The Silver Chair) an independent movie company in Grants Pass, Oregon are currently working on their next full-length feature film based of Jane Austen's classic masterpiece called First Impressions, set to release next spring!
Phantom Films was founded this year of 2011, consisting of a crew mostly made up of teens and young adults. The 2011 team for First Impressions is as listed:

Tianna Strom (19) | Producer
Andrew Eddy (20) | Director
Ariel Strom (18) | Screenwriter and Composer
Joshua Eddy (18) | Photography and Public Relations

The Synopsis: 
Audrey Kinslett lives in Grants Pass with her nonchalant father, fussy mother, and four sisters. She has a pretty normal life until she begins reading a book called Pride and Prejudice. Little does she know that her life is going to have a very similar twist to the book.
As the film takes off, our protagonist meets the extremely friendly Brandon Hester, who is attracted to Audrey's older sister, Mae. She also meets Daryl Burke, who is so rude and arrogant that Audrey wishes he'd disappear off the face of the earth - or at least from her life.
As she works at the Pharmacy, plays Ultimate Frisbee, and goes to barn dances, she meets more people, such as the pompous and ridiculous Cornelius Jones, and learns tragic secrets from her old friend Skandar Lakes, all the while trying to avoid Daryl, who always seems to be wherever she is.
Weaved in between these modern scenarios are scenes from Pride and Prejudice, basically Audrey's imagination as she reads the book.

When several unexpected events occur, Audrey realizes that not everything is as it seems- but by then it's too late. Everything has turned upside down. She will never judge by her first impressions again.

Here's the big news story. If you have a Daily Courier account, you can read it here.
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Filming for First Impressions will be greenlit by next week. You can follow the film at You can also visit their website at where you can learn about the cast and crew, check out the cast photoshoot, and more. If your interested in contributing to this spectacular motion picture, out can donate from their kickstarter page. Any questions can be answered at

I'm REALLY excited about this movie. In a BOLD ITALICS UNDERLINE CAPS LOCK sort of way. And I'm even more excited that I got to be hire as graphics designer!!! Thank you, Tianna!! (yes, I got to design the logo up there :D)


  1. YAYYYY!!!! I love that you wrote an entire post about this incredible movie =)

  2. Thanks so much, Raymond!!! :)
    And isn't that logo awesome, folks? :)

  3. I love ultimate Frisbee, now i'm gonna get all emotional... sob...


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