Friday, May 13, 2011

Fellow Filmmakers

This is a post for all my filmmaking friends in the world out there. That is to say, there isn't a whole lot of them--filmmaking is a tough business. But take it from us--it's loads of fun.

"Why are you posting videos from fellow filmmakers?" you ask. (If this was not you, it was someone who looked like you). Well, I'll tell you. I don't know.

The first filmmakers I would like to acknowledge is Half-Insane Productions. Isn't that the best title ever!? Their crew members are:
Paul Charvet
Robert Polson
Dustin Partsch
And Jonathan Sulzbach

This is their most recent short film The Briefcase. Enjoy!

This is a company founded by a good friend of mine named Nathan Quick and his friends Ansel Broberg and Jonathan Carter called Quarterback Productions. I actually got to design their logo.

This is a short film Nathan made demonstrating his mad Jedi skills.

They're next project is a film called Mission: Accomplished Leave it to the Pros, which they will be filming a teaser trailer for sometime in the near future. Until then, plot details remain censored.

Nathan also has a movie review site called Nathan's Movie Reviews. He has up to 50+ movie reviews, so if you want a filmmakers opinion on a particular movie, this would be the place to go. Each movie is assigned a number and decimal out of 10. You can visit the site at

You also can follow their blog at

And this is the awesomely amazing Arivia Productions. This is my personal favorite, because they make Narnia movies. (What? Me? Biased? Heck no.) They're latest blockbuster is an epic-scale FULL-LENGTH FEATURE FILM adaption of the C.S. Lewis's classic tale The Silver Chair.
Teaser Trailer
Trailer 2

And last of all, just for kicks, I'm going to post the trailer for Ace Wonder From HeuMoore Productions. This actually doesn't fit in to the category of "fellow filmmakers" because I've never met any of these people in person. But they're company is particularly awesome, and I'm really excited about this movie because I was a huge fan of their last film The Widow's Might which won 1st place at the San Antonia Independent Christian Film Festival. Ace Wonder premiers in theaters Summer 2011.


  1. Prince Corin crashes his car into trees so he can box with the airbag.


  2. First Prince Corin joke! History has been made! I'm going to go and tell everyone I know.

  3. Prince Corin and The UPS Man once had a two hour conversation on how to box small children.


  4. when is that Ace wonder movie coming out? It looks really good!

  5. I've been looking for that too...but so far all they've said is "summer 2011". Here's their facebook page

  6. Prince Corin can speak Spanish in seven deferent languages.

    -The Irrefutable source of all things Prince Corin

  7. @Anonymous- seems as if you have opened up a Chuck Norris Joke dictionary and replaced all the names with "Prince Corin."

  8. Anonymous is Jared Sweers :P

    And Prince Corin so beats Chuck Norris.

  9. so I thought... ;D

    I have no doubt that Prince Corin beats Chuck Norris. But I think we all know who beats Chuck Norris. His initials are M.A.

  10. LOL. It took me forever to get that :P

  11. Argh! My identity has been compromised!

    By the way, When someone told Prince Corin that modern boxers,(i.e. Rocky) used Boxing gloves, he was so furious, he flipped out. No seriously.

    Jesus walked on water, Chuck Noris swam through land, And Prince Corin did the Doggy Paddle through the Stratosphere.
    Though I must say, he did it very suavely indeed. Yes, Very Suavely.

    The Irrefutable Source of all things Prince Corin

  12. Jared...gosh what would this blog be without you :P

  13. I knew it was Jared!! :p
    Haha... Prince Corin is awesome!

    So, regarding the post, great job! Hehe... thanks for putting our Narnia trailers up!

    And the ninja skills video cracked me up!


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