Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Special!

Boy, don't that sound sophisticated? Almost as if we were an actual like, business.

[We've got a ways to go]

Anyways, so for Easter, we are giving away TEN free copies of the 2-disc edition of Deliver-E!

Here's how to get one:

(that's right, there's a catch. But it's a small one, for the awesome prize of a free copy of Deliver-E)

Fill out THIS survey.

Oip! That's all! Have a wonderful Easter celebrating our Savior's resurrection!


  1. The link worketh not. I think I saw this too late! :'(

  2. He answered the call of the throbbing drum,
    His entire name is Fracis LeeJacksonMcPicketMcthumb
    If theres one thing he doesn't not like it ain't spoons,
    His third favorite word after BOAH is poltroon.
    If you have not guessed it you've got to be a loon, Either that or unegikated. BOAH!


  3. If you reep what you sow, what happens when you Reep a Cheep?



  4. GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I know, I now I am indeed so.
    That should be put in the book, Great quote!
    Autographs later if you please,
    The smell of paper and pen always makes me wheeze.
    Though I am quite humble though I say so meself.


    - Anonymous

  6. The Phantom Poet has struck again!
    But why indeed does he/it/her remain anonymous?
    These two words seem quite synonymous.
    But shall this wraith be it he/she/it strike again?
    It has just begun.



  7. What do you get when you cross Reepecheep with Uncle Francis?

    "No one touches the tail, period. Exclamation point! Boah..!! Double Period Double Exclamation Point!!"



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