Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snowtop annouces next movie [APRIL FOOLS!!]

Many have asked: What's after DELIVER-E? Today, that question is answered. Snowtop has announced that they are now in the story stage of forming the fourth Risen escapade. It has further announced that the director of Super Pig, Timothy Chong, is returning to the directors chair for this upcoming adventure.
"We're really excited about this one." he says. "Snowtop's sixth film is aimed at more edgy, teen audience. There's going to be more of everything."
But what about the plot? Co-director Jared Sweers outlines the story for us.
"Chuck and Jimmy junior now face the most dangerous conquest in their earthly existence. An evil sinister doctor named Clawman has unleashed his long awaited scheme for world domination. Harnessing strange supernatural powers from "the void" he now has the ability to manipulate the minds of other victims and make them his evil minions. Now the fate of the universe lies within the hands of these unlikely heroes, destined to save the world."