Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hannah and I came up with this idea way back in September of 2007. She was fourteen at the time, and I was eleven. Back then most digital cameras weren't meant to record video--that is, not very well. It didn't even have audio. We called that move UPS (Unreliable Postal Service).

We started the Super Pig project in 2008. Looking back at it, it looks like a fail, but we were really pushing what we had at the time. We released it on October 18, on Hannah's birthday. We began talking about what our next movie would be. I wanted to make Super Pig 2. So did Timothy. But Hannah wanted to make UPS.
I began to write the first scene that December with Timothy and Hannah. I also made a little trailer using the old footage from the first version of the movie. I couldn't wait to start filming. Our deadline? November 20, 2009.

That was two years ago.

After hopping from release date to release date (not to mention have Jared Sweers coming into the scene halfway through and wanting to make the Risen Trilogy) we've set our deadline to this Christmas.  Well. Merry Christmas!

After staying up late and waking up early for weeks and weeks hunched over the computer struggling to make it cooperate, it's finally done. I couldn't say anything else with our mentioning my Dad. He kept on pushing me and pushing me when I felt like giving up. Thanks Dad.


Alright, let's start with the break down.
Disc 1 - Feature Film
  • Widescreen
  • Approx. 30 min.
Bonus Features
  • Bloopers
  • The Producer Hour
Disc 2 - Bonus Material
  • Old titles
  • Storyboards
  • Script
  • Filming
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Editing
  • Special effects
  • Behind-behind-the-scenes
Other Oddities
  • Maine Man
  • Uncle Francis' car
  • The Jay-Ray show
Deliver-e is now available on ebay for $14.00! Check it out here. Thanks for all your support! Long Live Aslan, and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

DELIVER-E cover art

With the movie being postponed again and DELIVER-E beginning to feel like the next 787, I thought I would just show y'all what the DVD cover is going to look like. What do you think?

As for the rendering, I've got another problem on my hands. I have know idea what is is. For now, the goal is December 19th (Sunday).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"I call all times soon." ~Aslan

If you haven't noticed already, today is December 12th, and Deliver-e isn't out on DVD. There is a reason for that.

The movie, by the way, is done. Some people have seen it already and we've been getting some very encouraging feedback. But the dilemma lies in the final stage of compiling the menus, scene selections, and bonus features onto the DVD. The rendering is freezing up, and not getting burned onto the disc. I've been spending the better part of the day troubleshooting the problem, and while I think I have solved it, it's probably going to take an extra day or so to get a real solid copy.  Plus I've got to get Disc 2 together, and who knows what will happen there.

So what's the new release date? There isn't one. It might be tonight, tomorrow, the day after, next week, or not until Chirstmas. (I'll get done by Chirstmas for sure). Further up and Further in!