Monday, March 29, 2010

New DELIVER-E character

After a long string of completely random posts you may be wondering what this blog is here for (If anybody is reading this blog, which nobody is, so what am I even doing here?) At any rate, here is some Snowtop related news for a change...First of all, the DELIVER-E script is pretty much finished, and our only real problem now is recruiting a UPS man.
Secondly, to wrap up the story we needed to add the most bizarre creature you've ever imagined: Uncle Francis. Yes, Uncle Francis.Don't get scared yet, I'm not finished. I still haven't shown you the color one.

And if that isn't good, I'm kidding, it stops there :P


  1. Since nobody is commenting I'm going to just to make it look as if this blog isn't actually completely dead.

  2. Make that three!


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